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Cast of Characters

Oswald West

Our dauntless hero, the famed treasure hunter is now hopelessly lost in the jungle. Only your wit and cunning can return him to civilization!


An artist, recently escaped Devils island. He knows a lot about the savage wilderness Oswald now finds himself in.


A very annoying fellow that is an expert on all things dangerous. Well, at least he thinks he's an expert.


A fire spewing automaton that knows a thing or two about old-school adventurers. Angering him can result in dire consequences.

The Cannibals

These guys ain 't vegetarian.

Dinh, the exotic trader

He runs the only trade outpost for miles around. Not only does he drive a hard bargain, but he engages in some very unusual pastimes.

Stanley Flabbergast

The evil arch-nemesis of our hero, he wants nothing more than to steal what Oswald rightfully stole in the first place!