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"Return to Civilization is a better game than E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial!" - Tim Schafer

"Tim Schafer never played Return to Civilization. He's lying through his teeth." - Roberta Williams

This game is like the Secret of Monkey Island and Space Quest IV having a child, and then the whole thing gets cancelled by LucasArts. Return to Civilization would be born in another hospital across town.

You must fill the plucky shoes of Oswald West, famed treasure hunter. He's just managed to recover the long-lost Eggplant Emerald, but he has a problem: his expedition left for home without him. Overcome giant spiders, cannibals, bloodsucking butterflies and more in your quest to RETURN TO CIVILIZATION!!!

Why should you play this game? For one, it's very unique. It's one of the few adventure games that actually ENCOURAGES you to die. For each new method you find of plunging Oswald into certain doom, you receive a Grim Point. Complete optional puzzles to collect additional treasure before you finally get home.

At no point does this game become unwinnable. You can always reach endgame, no matter what.

This game features 3 different win sequences and 2 different epilogues. What ending you get depends on how many treasures you collect and how many ways you find to die.

Of course, if you get 13 Grim Points and 7 Treasures, you get the
hardest ending in the game, but it's not easy to get everything.